if you believe you can do it, you can do it
tataplah ke depan, percayalah akan masa depan yang pasti akan datang
tidak bisa bukan hal yang memalukan, yang memalukan adalah tidak mau mencobanya meskipun tahu tidak bisa

January 23, 2012

Let The Past Stay in The Past

There always another mountain to be climbed
I am trying to remember how long I haven't cried when I write this. I've learnt too much pain and a thing that I usually do is pretended that I didn't see it and act like everything is just fine. I've tried too much and I think I don't know how long I will still like this. I've been too tired actually, then I realized how hurt I am. I know that life isn't just for one thing. I know that I can change my perspective and start the new one, but may be I am too confused and don't know what must I do first. Today, I'll end those things and I'll start my new life. Although sometimes it come and try to hold my heart and my life again, I won't give up..
because let the past stays in the past

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